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Find an Architect

If you are looking for a local architect, please download and complete this form - AIA TOLEDO RFP (Word document)- which will then be forwarded on to our membership.  Any firm or individual architect that is interested in your project will contact you directly.   

If you are looking for an architect outside of the local component area, please click here to be taken to AIA National's Architect Finder page.


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AIA Toledo Individual Member Listing


Ronald H. Anderson, AIA
Michael L. Arnold, AIA
Gary A. Ashford, AIA
Nicole D. Baden, AIA
Ryan S. Bannister, AIA
Audie R. Bates, AIA
David I. Bates, AIA
Timothy K. Bechtol, AIA
Kraig A. Beilharz, AIA
Jack Berry, AIA
Darrell G. Brown Jr., AIA
A.W. Brown, AIA
James W. Buchanan, AIA
Brent A. Buehrer, AIA
Kent D. Buehrer, AIA
Kevin P. Carroll, AIA
John Ciampa, AIA
Matthew J. Clarkson, AIA
Amber N. Clason, AIA
Earl W. Coger, AIA
Kevin M. Costello, AIA
Erin K. Curley, AIA
Robert W. Dazel, AIA
Michael J. DiNardo, AIA
Michael R. Duket, AIA
Daniel C. Ebert, AIA
Ronald D. Elliott, AIA
Salim A. Elwazani, AIA
John A. Feick, AIA
Joshua C. Fox, AIA
Timothy E. Fry, AIA
Dwight N. Gilliland, AIA
Edward A. Glowacki, AIA
Mary L. Glowacki, AIA
Walter J. Hales, AIA
Saeed S. Hamizadeh, AIA
Scott J. Heacock, AIA
Benjamin P. Hildebrand, AIA
Nicholas D. Hogrefe, AIA
Thomas J. Janowiecki, AIA
Heather Judge, AIA
Christopher M. Kannel, AIA
Brenton D. Kapelski, AIA
Gary Kayne, AIA
Michelle Kirkbride, AIA
Gregory R. Kissner, AIA
Joseph M. Kunkle, AIA
Samuel J. Kunkle, AIA
Katherine B. MacPherson, AIA
Anthony J. Malik, AIA
Brian D. McDonald, AIA
Thomas L. Meyer, AIA
Ray D. Micham, AIA
David J. Munger, AIA
Hal P. Munger, FAIA
William J. Murray, AIA
Michael A. Muse, AIA
Lance C. Mushung, AIA
Christina M. Nguyen, AIA
Alissa N. O'Neill, AIA
Matt Pastula, AIA
Kris D. Phillips, AIA
Craig A. Pickerel, AIA
Thomas A. Porter, AIA
George J. Poulos, AIA
James Andrew Price, AIA
Frederick L. Quinn, AIA
Irvin D. Reinhart, AIA
William F. Roberson, AIA
Terry L. Ross, AIA
Brock L. Rossel, AIA
Brad Rossi, AIA
Scot A. Rossi, AIA
David J. Roth, AIA
Michael P. Rowe, AIA
James W. Sarks, AIA
Louise M. Schlatter, AIA
Gregory L. Schmid, AIA
Kenneth C. Schumaker II, AIA
Paul G. Sieben, FAIA
David J. Semproch, AIA
Mark C. Shambarger, AIA
Steven E. Shrake, AIA
Robert A. Siebenaller, AIA
David W. Sizemore, AIA
Ronald C. Smallwood, AIA
Joseph W. Snyder, AIA
Randall L. Sprunger, AIA
Brian T. Stanley, AIA
Gillian M. Stechschulte, AIA
William R. Steele, AIA
Mary A. Stepnick, AIA
Craig A. Stough, AIA
Paul R. Sullivan, AIA
Tim B. Swartz, AIA
James P. Turissini, AIA
George J. Veronie, AIA
Joseph E. Vetter, AIA
Chris T. Vogelpohl, AIA
Gerald G. Voll, AIA
Mark S. Wagner, AIA
Karen L. Walker, AIA
Andrew J. Welch, AIA
David E. Wolfe, AIA
Kevin J. Young, AIA



Joseph G. Adams, Assoc. AIA
Brandon M. Andrzejczak, Assoc. AIA
Chris L. Baker, Assoc. AIA
Linda S. Beall, Assoc. AIA
Martin Birkenkamp, Assoc. AIA
Richard J. Brienik, Assoc. AIA
Lindsey R. Brusoe, Assoc. AIA
Richard L. Butera II, Assoc. AIA
Lauren L. Collier, Assoc. AIA
Benjamin D. Hoffmann, Assoc. AIA
Angela Holm, Assoc. AIA
Brian G. Homer, Assoc. AIA
John P. Kirkbride, Assoc. AIA
Paul Meneilly, Assoc. AIA
Steven J. Might, Assoc. AIA
Ryan T. Moninger, Assoc. AIA
Brian C. Neal, Assoc. AIA
Bridget Perino, Assoc. AIA
Abby Schroeder, Assoc. AIA
Lyndsey Stough, Assoc. AIA



Frederick N. Arn, AIA
Allan N. Brown, AIA
Daniel W. Clinger, AIA
Lavern A. Farnham, AIA
Alfred J. Garner, AIA
Alfred A. Hahn Jr., AIA
Raymond L. Hendricks, AIA
Paul R. Hollenbeck, AIA
Paul S. Jacobson, AIA
Stephen Paul Janick Jr., AIA
L. E. Kime, AIA
John D. Kohler, AIA
John H. Luscombe, AIA
John Mindock, AIA
James H. Morris, AIA
Frederick J. Peltier, AIA
Harold R. Roe, AIA
Robert F. Seyfang, AIA
Stephen B. Tryc, AIA
Byron L. West, AIA
James H. Williams, AIA

AIA Toledo Firm Listing

The following are profiles of AIA Toledo member architectural firms that have at least one principal or partner in the firm that is a current member in good standing with AIA and that holds a Certificate of Authority to practice in Ohio. AIA Toledo does not warrant the accuracy of the information supplied, as it is the responsibility of its members to abide by the laws governing the profession.

(Listed alphabetically by firm)

1646 Tiffin Avenue
Findlay, OH  45840
Phone:  419-422-8181  Fax:  419-422-8190
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.           Website: 

Principals:  David John Roth, AIA, ALA, NCARB

Specialties:  Restaurant, Commercial, Industrial, Religious Design

5622 Mayberry Square
Sylvania, OH  43560
Phone:  419-824-3311  Fax:  419-824-3322
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.            Website:  

Principals:  Dwight N. Gilliland, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP

Specialties:  Commercial, Education, Restaurant, Office
• Higher education projects include classrooms, dormitories, offices and laboratories.  Food service and hospitality highlights our commercial projects with a solid base of office build-outs.

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Twenty Questions to Ask Your Architect

These twenty questions can help you determine if a particular architect is right for you and your project.

1. What does the architect see as important issues or considerations in your project?
2. How will the architect approach your project?
3. How will the architect gather information about your needs, goals, etc.?

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